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Program MIE

Program MIE calculates the cross sections (scattering, extinction, absorption and back scattering) and electric and magnetic fields for a plane wave incident upon a spherical particle with multiple concentric shells. All input and output is via text on screen or files on disk. The algorithm is described in detail in the accompanying 52 page manual.


Currently shipping only within U.S.

Modeling Examples:*

Polarization scattering for dielectric sphere with n=1.25 in air at 1 micron wavelength for q=0.8 and 8.0 where q is the free space wavevector times the radius.

Intensity contour plots for a plane wave scattered from a 0.1 micron and a 2 micron water drop at 500 nm.

Intensity contour plot for plane wave scattered from 1 micron glass sphere with 100 nm silver coating at 1064 nm.

Plasmonic resonance for silver sphere embedded in glass as a function of wavelength for various diameters, and intensity profiles for a 60 nm sphere at 472 nm and a 120 nm sphere at 360 nm.

Relative scattering intensity vs. scattering angle for water drop diameters up to 2 mm at 650 nm, and scattering intensity vs. angle for several wavelengths.

*Note: all plots are generated using commercial graphics software from the text data output of the program.

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