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Program PLANAR

Program PLANAR calculates the mode indices and fields for planar waveguides formed from multilayer thin films. All input and output is via text on screen or files on disk. Materials are characterized by their scalar refractive index. The algorithm is described in detail in the accompanying 26 page manual.


Currently shipping only within U.S.


Thin film planar waveguide
TE & TM mode profiles

TE and TM mode profile for a simple planar waveguide. Light propagates along the z-axis.

Dispersion of TE and TM modes for a C-band planar waveguide as a function of film thickness.

Thin film planar waveguide
TE & TM mode indices of planar waveguide
Thin gold film planar waveguide
Ex and Ez electric field profiles

Electric field profiles for the short-range plasmonic guided mode on a gold film.

Mode dispersion as a function of layer thickness for a multilayer dielectric planar waveguide.

Multilayer dielectric planar waveguide
Mode indices vs. layer thickness

*Note: all plots are generated using commercial graphics software from the text data output of the program.

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