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Program FIBER

Program FIBER calculates the mode indices, and electric and magnetic fields for a cylindrical core with multiple concentric shells. Overlap integrals with a Gaussian focused field, an Airy focused field, or a full vectorial focused field from Program FOCUS can be calculated to estimate coupling efficiencies. A far field calculation is included to estimate the far field output from the waveguide. All input and output is via text on screen or files on disk. Materials are characterized by their refractive index. There are many available wavelength-dependent material files and the user can easily add more. The algorithm is described in detail in the accompanying 55 page manual.


Currently shipping only within U.S.

Modeling Examples:*

Simple multimode waveguide. Dispersion as a function of radius and wavevector, and Ex field profiles.

W-fiber designed with 1 concentric shell [after M. Monerie, IEEE J. Qu. Electr. QE-18 (1982) 535-42] with very low dispersion at 1.55 microns.

Graded index fiber using 9 concentric cylinders. HE11 mode index as a function of g. Ex field profile for g=2.

Airy fiber designed with 33 concentric shells [after I. Gris-Sanchez, et al., optica 3 (2016) 270-6] with a coupling efficiency into the LP04 mode of ~97%.

Far field spot for SMF-28 single mode fiber with normal end face and 8° slanted end face.

*Note: all plots are generated using commercial graphics software from the text data output of the program.

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