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Program MOL

Program MOL is a general purpose waveguide mode solver, which calculates the mode indices and fields for strip, rib, and other waveguide designs using the method of lines. All input and output is via text on screen or files on disk. Materials are characterized by their scalar refractive index. The algorithm is described in detail in the accompanying 55 page manual.


Currently shipping only within U.S.


Electric field profiles for the HE00 and EH00 modes of a simple rectangular waveguide.

Strip waveguide
HE00 mode Ex field profile
EH00 mode Ey field profile

Convergence to an accurate mode index is rapid in the MOL technique.

Strip waveguide
E field profile for different line numbers

Convergence of mode index as the line spacing is reduced and number of lines increased, and electric field contour plot for one layer thickness example.

Rib waveguide
Convergence of mode index
Ex field profile

Dispersion of mode indices for a square waveguide exhibiting avoided crossings making use of the bilateral symmetry.

Waveguide with bilateral symmetry
Mode indices with avoided crossings
Half cylinder waveguide
Ex waveguide field profile

Ex field profile for the HE00 mode of a half cylinder waveguide with bilateral symmetry using 50 lines and 12 layers.

*Note: all plots are generated using commercial graphics software from the text data output of the program.

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